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Colorado Backyard

The Butterfly House welcomes groups! Feel free to make reservations for birthday parties, school field trips, senior citizen gatherings, weddings and more. For more information please call Fall Migration Unlike most other insects in temperate climates, Monarch Butterflies cannot survive a long cold winter. Instead, spend the winter in roosting spots. Monarchs west of the Rocky Mountains travel to small groves of trees along the California coast.

Those east of the Rocky Mountains fly farther south to the mountains of Mexico. Day length and temperature changes influence the movement of the Monarch. In all the world, no butterflies migrate like the Monarchs of North America. They travel much farther than all other tropical butterflies, up to three thousand miles.


Worth $10...with coupon. - Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

They are the only butterflies to make such a long, two way migration every year. Amazingly, they fly in masses to the same winter roosts, often to the exact same trees. However, unlike whales, individuals only make the round trip once. When the late summer and early fall Monarchs emerge from their pupae, or chrysalides, they are biologically and behaviorally different from those emerging in the summer. The shorter days and cooler air of late summer trigger changes.

In Ohio this occurs around the end of August. Instead, their small bodies prepare for a strenuous flight. Otherwise solitary animals, they often cluster at night while moving ever southward. Fat, stored in the abdomen, is a critical element of their survival for the winter.

This fat not only fuels their flight of one to three thousand miles, but must last until the next spring when they begin the flight back north. As they migrate southward, Monarchs stop to nectar, and they actually gain weight during the trip! This is an area of great interest for researchers; there are many unanswered questions about how these small organisms are able to travel so far.

Another unsolved mystery is how the Monarchs find the over wintering sites each year. Some how they know their way, even though the butterflies returning to Mexico or California each fall are the great-great-grandchildren of the butterflies that left the previous spring. No one knows exactly how their homing system works; it is another of the many unanswered questions in the butterfly world.

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    Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara Falls, Ontario - Discount Coupons

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    Butterfly Pavilion's newest interactive exhibit connects guests to the rich and diverse life that surrounds us, and inspires a greater commitment to conserve all of our natural treasures in Colorado and beyond. Learn More.

    This attraction features animals

    Walk among free-flying butterflies in a tropical paradise. Explore and learn about dozens of species of arthropods. Sharpen your observation skills as you discover animals hidden in their native habitats.